Indoor Sports – Renew membership 2021

The Civid-9 pandemic has affected many organisations and The Hungerford Club has not been immune. The various lock downs have closed all the sports activities for much of the year past and for the Indoor Sports section this has meant no access to the club building and bar.

The Tennis section uses the LTA Clubspark site to administer membership. The Bowls section has a membership secretary who handles their renewals by emails and the post. Members of these sections may, therefore, renew their membership without visiting the club.

In the past the Indoor Sports section have had to visit the club to collect a renewal form from the club bar. Once completed members would hand the form to the bar staff and pay the subscription whereupon a receipt would be issued. Please be assured, members may still do this when the bar is open.

We are aware there may be Indoor Sports members who would like to renew their membership without having to visit the bar.

Please follow these steps to renew your Indoor Sports (social) membership without having to visit the bar.

  • Download the renewal form by clicking the “Download” button above. Save the file rather than opening in your browser.
  • The form should be saved to your Downloads folder. Locate it and open the form in a PDF viewer (Adobe Acrobat on Windows, Preview on Apple Macs).
  • Complete the form and save it. Do not open in a browser – you may not be able to save your completed form.
  • Use a bank transfer (details on the form) to pay the subscription. Please use your name as the payment reference. Click here for details of the subscriptions.
  • Finally, please send an email to and attach the completed form. Please include in your email the date of the bank transfer.


Subscription rates – 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022

Update: These are the subscription rates for 2021-2022. Please click the link to read the new subscription rates from 1st April 2022.

Subscriptions run from 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022. Each section has different subscription rates.

Indoor Sports

Over 65£36.00Over 65 – Couple£61.00
Over 65 & Single£72.00
Full Time Student£25.00Temporary Member£20.00
Payment for membership to the bar or by bank transfer


Over 65£70.00Over 65 Couple£131.00
Over 65 & Single£142.00Over 65 & Indoor Sports£108.00
Single & Indoor sports£114.00Over 65 & over 65 Indoor Sports£97.00
Single & Over 65 Indoor Sports£108.00
Note: additional charges for competition entry and a green use levy. Bowls Membership Form is available from the bar.


Family£251.00Full Time Student£58.00
Junior (12-17 years)£35.00Junior (under 12 years)£23.00
Membership via Clubspark:


Getting ready!

The recent spell of pleasant weather provided an opportunity for both the Bowls and Tennis sections to prepare for the restrictions on outdoor sports to be lifted.

The bowls section have treated the green with both a fertiliser and moss treatment. The latter has given the green a rather dark look but that is to be expected.

Bowling grren looking a little dark after moss treatment.
Bowling green looking good after moss treatment.

Meanwhile the tennis section have been cleaning the courts. Again, moss is the problem. To really clean the court surface a powerful jet washer was hired. This has a rotating head with multiple jets. The machine is slowly pushed over the courts, cleaning a stripe on each pass. Really stubborn parts can be give an extra clean using the lance which is also used to jet the resulting dirt to the edges of the courts.