Summer opening times – 2024

The summer opening times will take effect from 14th May 2024.

DayOpening hours
Monday12 noon – 11pm
Tuesday1pm – 11pm
Wednesday12 noon – 11pm
Thursday1pm – 11pm
Friday12 noon – 11pm
Saturday12 noon – 6:30pm
Sunday12 noon – 6:30pm
Opening hours from Friday 14th May 2024 until 21st October 2024

Address: The Croft, Hungerford, RG17 0HY, England

Phone: 01488 682357


Code of Conduct

Please spend a couple of minutes reading the information below.

Our Code of Conduct is for your comfort and safety and to ensure you enjoy your visit to the Hungerford Club. At the Hungerford Club we aim to ensure that all those who use our facilities are able to do so in a pleasant and friendly environment.

  • Persons using the Clubhouse are asked to consider other users at all times and not to put themselves or others at risk by their conduct.
  • Members and Guests violating any rules or regulations of the club, or demonstrating behaviour deemed by the Steward or Committee to be detrimental to the welfare, good order, safety or character of the club or its Members, including language that is foul, abusive, rude, threatening, homophobic, racist or any of the ‘ists’ or the slightest hint of bullying or violence will be asked to leave the Clubhouse immediately and will be subject to the Club’s disciplinary procedures as well as those of their own section.
  • Members and Guests are expected to show respect to the Clubhouse and Grounds ensuring the appropriate use of all our facilities at all times. Members, their Guests and Visitors must treat the Clubhouse, Grounds, Staff and Members with courtesy and respect at all times.
  • Members may use the kitchen, including for functions, only with the prior agreement of the Steward. The kitchen and all equipment, utensils, crockery and cutlery must be left clean, tidy and in their correct storage. The Steward may, at their discretion, levy a £50 cleaning charge if the kitchen is left in an unsatisfactory state.
  • Children are to be supervised at ALL times both inside and outside the Clubhouse. In the interests of the safety and comfort of all club Members and Guests please do not allow your children to run around the Bar/Lounge area or the car-park. Children are not allowed in the Snooker Room unless accompanied by a Member.
  • Dogs are allowed in the Bar/Lounge area but must be on a lead at all times and must not cause a nuisance to Members, Guests or Staff. Dogs are not allowed in the Snooker Room, kitchen or upstairs. Dogs must be kept on a lead in the Sports Ground and under no circumstances be allowed to stray onto the Bowling Green.
  • In the interest of safety all types of balls or other throwing objects manufactured for outdoor use should not be used in the Clubhouse.
  • Appropriate dress, to include sports attire, is expected in the Bar/Lounge area at all times. No boots with any type of stud or spikes (including cycling shoes) are to be worn in the Bar/Lounge area at any time.
  • Kit bags must not obstruct doors or walk-throughs including the Bar/Lounge area. If any kit bags are found to be obstructing such areas you will be asked to move them immediately.
  • The decisions of the Steward or Committee are final in all aspects of Members and Guests safety and comfort.
  • The Committee of the Club reserves the right to amend and add to these conditions of membership and rules as it sees fit and Members and Guests shall observe any amended or additional conditions or rules so made.

It is also the Club’s aim to ensure that Members and their Guests receive a high level of service befitting our Club. The Steward and staff will therefore provide:

  • A courteous welcome
  • An efficient service
  • A clean and welcoming environment
  • An appropriate atmosphere befitting the time of day or the occasion

We can all play our part in ensuring that we enjoy the highest standards possible so that we can all be proud of our Club. If there is any issue regarding behaviour, repairs or cleanliness then please raise this as soon as possible with the Steward or bar staff so that appropriate action can be taken. If you feel it is appropriate to elevate any issue or would like to comment on the Code of Conduct please advise a member of the Committee.

Please play your part to keep our Club one of the friendliest places to both play your sport and socialise. Thank you in advance.

The Committee of the Hungerford Club