All members invited to the tennis open day.

The Tennis Section of the Hungerford Club is excited to be holding a members day on Saturday 29th May (the Bank Holiday Weekend). Although it is being organised by the Tennis Section, it is very informal and all Hungerford Club members who would like to take part are welcome.

Lockdown restrictions were eased from 17th May, however by law we will still be restricted to the ‘Rule of 30’ for post-play social/catering (the ‘Rule of 30’ will also apply to group tennis play from the 17th).
The day will therefore take the form of two separate Club Play slots from 10am-1pm (Club Play finishing from around 12pm, with food and drink available at the Hungerford Club from around 12pm), and 4pm-7pm (food and drink from 6pm). 
Tennis and post tennis numbers will need to be managed carefully so that we can remain within the tennis and social gathering limits.

If you would like to participate on the day:

The Tennis Section will then contact you nearer the time with further information.

By Paul Ivinson

Administrator of the Hungerford Club website