Newsletter – January 2022

Bar closed for five days from Mon. 10th Jan 2022 and start of winter Table Bowls league.

The Hungerford Club wishes all members a Happy New Year.

There’s no formal newsletter this month but we have two things to pass on.

Bar closure

Firstly, the bar will be closed from Monday 10th January 2022 to Friday 14th January 2022 inclusive. The bar will open on Saturday 15th January with the normal winter opening hours. We are taking advantage of the quiet spell after New Year to carry out some maintenance in the bar area.

Table Bowls league

Secondly, we have decided that we will offer the members the opportunity of playing the game of table bowls through the winter months.

Table bowls is a game played on our snooker tables usually with two teams of two players. The game consists of rolling small bowls down a chute at a jack. The team with the nearest bowl to the jack gains a point and if the team has more than one bowl near the jack then that bowl will also score. Clearly the team with the highest score wins the game.

The simplicity of the game is that of the four bowls played each one has a different bias with the player using the bias to guide the bowl to the jack. Two or three ends will usually be enough to *Get your eye in*. The game is a fun game and has been played at the Club for a number of years. There are a number of members who will be only too pleased to give any member a quick demonstration of the game.

So this year we have a small committee who are prepared to restart the competition, so here we go!

The details

  • The games will be open to All members of the Club, Mixed, or Ladies or Gentlemen teams.
  • The first games are to be played on a Tuesday evening starting on the 18th January at 8.00 pm and every Tuesday evening until 12th April.
  • Team names will need to be registered on the Team sheet on the notice board by noon on Sunday 16th January 2022. (Deadline extended because of the bar closure.)
  • Each team will consist of TWO members, one being the Captain (who will be the contact for the team). Please give an email address or a phone number on the team sheet.
    • If, because of the bar closure, you can’t sign up then please leave a comment below with
      • Team name.
      • Team captain’s name and phone number.
      • Name of the second person in the team.
  • Substitutes are allowed for games. If a substitute plays more games than the original player then only they can play in any semi final or final
  • Each Team will have a Name and will play in a rotation system so that all teams play each other. (Look on the sheet for your next game.)
  • The games will consist of 10 ends to be played on the Clubs SNOOKER TABLES
  • There will be a small charge for each team of £10.  ie. the cost is £5 per person for the whole season plus table lighting.
  • Each team will be able to accrue scores throughout the competition.  The team that wins gets 2 points. If there’s a draw each team gets 1 point.
  • There will be Prizes for the winning teams at the end of the season.

Good Luck!
Please Note: No food is allowed in the Snooker Room

By Paul Ivinson

Administrator of the Hungerford Club website